De Decker Capital looks to partner with companies that:

Why partner with our team

When you partner with De Decker Capital, you and your company will benefit in
many ways. Here are just a few examples:

We are a local partner with a strong reputation built on fairness, honesty, and sound business ethics.

We will offer a fair value for your company today while helping to maximize value for all shareholders in the future.

We can align ourselves with you and your investment horizon and have no contractual requirement to sell our investments within a predefined period, unlike most traditional private equity firms.

We are a small group of professionals with the ability to move quickly to close transactions.

We have the capacity and appetite to finance the equity requirements of both your organic and acquisition-driven growth plans.

We have the flexibility to offer a wide range of investment structures tailored to meet your requirements and business objectives.

We work closely with you on strategy, acquisitions, industry best practices, corporate finance, and human resources matters.

We can leverage our strong relationships with public and private investors, debt providers, investment banks, service providers and industry experts to help drive value to your business.

We provide support with identifying and hiring key employees and value added board members.

We will strengthen your company culture and preserve its legacy over the long-term.