We work closely with founders, entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and management teams on a wide range of initiatives, including but not limited to:

Overall strategic direction

Sourcing, evaluation and execution of strategic acquisitions

Negotiation of contracts with customers, suppliers, and creditors

HR, personnel, culture, compensation and overall talent management decisions

Implementation and management of enterprise resource planning systems

Investment strategy

Our partners have experience across a variety of industries and together we have developed a successful track record of adding value to middle market companies and driving growth to generate enhanced value for all stakeholders.

We have significant flexibility in how we can align ourselves with management teams and can provide the following investment structures tailored specifically for you and your business objectives:

Succession-based transactions involving family-owned or founder-led businesses

Management buyouts involving one or more shareholders

Growth equity investments

Corporate carve-outs

Going-private transactions


Deep industry expertise

We are industry-agnostic investors with a preference for investing in sectors with favourable
macroeconomic, competitive, demographic, and regulatory dynamics as well as resiliency in the face of a
changing business or economic cycle. Over the past 20 years, we have developed deep expertise and
experience managing and growing companies in the following sectors:


Consumer products


Construction materials

Health care

Specialty retail